Digital output.

I could not believe my luck when I learned about Biota Beats. This project brings together art, science, and the communication of ideas through visuals. On top of that, it is all about the microbiome! Very happy to be involved with the amazing, multidisciplinary Street Bio team at EMW bookstore in Cambridge, USA.

For the Biota Beats project, I worked on the question: "How to best visualize audio?" Different variations of music equalizers were explored. One of them was circular.

Inspired by an article that recommended mapping your life on a line from the present moment until death. Also inspired by the general denial of death. How would you want to die, if you could choose?

World map with little dots, indicating places I've visited, lived in, worked in, traveled to, been born in.

My very first (and very basic) interactive web based creation was inspired by a commonly made joke combined with the thought of whether humor can be pre-programmed...

When medical data hits close to home, it makes for a completely different experience. In creating my first interactive graph, I used data collected by my father over the past 10 years, tracking lab values that communicate blood levels: the single (illusion of) control during a rollercoaster decade.

The goal of this project was to learn R markdown. As a subject I chose an old topic I have been fascinated with: beautiful structures that appear when you let random walks, well, walk randomly.

The one thing we do not need reminders for...

Anti-Digital output.

It is shocking how little rest we give our phones. As if they do not need to recharge, reconnect with themselves, rethink their purpose!? Very happy and grateful to have this crazy family business of crafting little phone beds.